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Hay I found a few glitches in your game man.

1: When I died and there was dice on the floor, I restarted and the thing that was on it THE TABLETS!!! Spawned from the dice. I would end all activity from when you died, next time.

Other than that good game.


Love it! But it needs more tourture weapons and unlockables! Like get a certain amout of choppin peoples arms off and you get a whip or something like that!

Make another one! Keep it up!

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I'm giving this a 9 coz it deserves a 9! The characters and thier features were awesome! And the controlls! But here are a few tips for inprovements:
1: Custom controls, so there is a control panel where you can customize what you want the controlls to be by button
2: All hardware producers: So like linux and all the others are in the game too have have special things that other competitors don't have!

Hope you took all that in man! Keep it up and make a second one please!


Awesome! But couldn't get everyone infected, vaccine you see! Oh well great game though! Make another one!

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Nice 1 man!

Hay! That was a great game, I think it deserves 9/10 because well I love the music, sounds classical, but it feels like it should be in a Japanese Anime... and the graphics were trumendous (not Xbox360 trumendous, but still trumendous!) so yea! This is awesome! What I would reccomend... More music. I liked it but I think there should be some rock or electric music in there or both!!! Cya! Keep it up! :)


I f'n loved it! Gr8 sence of humor man! This was awesome, and I wanna create one that is AWESOME 2! Where did u get the pain sounds and the gunshot sounds? Please? It would be so awesome!Love it man Keep it up! Make a 2nd 1!

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This game kiks ass dude! Nice! I loved the fact that you can set traps, travel to Locations and search houses! I love it!! I know i'm being mean, but create a Last Stand 3! It would b awesome!


Wow! Cool music dawg! I liked the changing difficulty so it's not like on 1 level it noob songs then the next is Xtremely hard songs! I didn't bother doing the pro bit i was dying on the ameture bit! Anyway Super game Bruv! Check out my page Every1! Keep it up man!


Hahaha lol that was so funny! I got up to lvl 8 b4 i decapitated him hahahahahahaha keep it up and do a 2nd 1 plz?

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